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Q:What is Dragino project?

A:The Dragino is an OpenWrt appliance project lets you embed Linux for your MCU project. It is a low cost, open hardware Linux motherboard for microcontrollers. It runs Linux using OpenWRT, and has full Ethernet and 802.11b/g/n Wifi capabilities. 

The GOAL of the Dragino project is to solve the microcontroller connectivity problem and greatly enhance microcontroller products such as the Arduino. 

The Draginos can be used in remote control of robots, data logging, web applications for data presentation, mesh networking over Wifi and many more.

The Dragino is open software & open hardware design released under the the Creative Commons License. The modular Dragino design also enables rapid development cycles for commercial products – just design a custom micrcontroller board and you have a turn-key commercial MCU/embedded Linux product.

Q: Can i make prototypes and send you to design module and produce?

A:Yes, we provide ODM service. a normal way is that the customer make prototypes base on Arduino and send us the detail. We can finish the rest part: make schematic /PCB for this module and manufacture /assembly.

Q: Why there are two firmwares? What is the difference between of them?

We provide two different firmwares at the moment:

Mesh IoT Firmware:

This firmware is a firmwae have enhance network support such as WiFi Mesh, 3G. It also support the basic Arduino Bridge features and remote upgrade. Link for this firmware:

Release Note

Source code and How to Compile


Arduino Yun Firmware:

This firmware is derived from the official Arduino Yun firmware with some bug fixed and support more avrs. 

Release note

Source code

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