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MRFM12B is a plug in daughter board for ms12 and ms14. It uses HopeRF RFM12B wireless module and ATMEL ATMEGA168 MCU. 

With the MRFM12B installed, developers can configure the Dragino as a IoT gateway to bridge the 433, 868, 915 Mhz network and the IP network. 

  • Open source software & hardware
  • Compatible with ms12 and ms14
  • MCU: Atmel MEGA168
  • Wireless module: RFM12B
  • Wireless frequency: 433, 868 or 915 MHz
  • Arduino IDE compatible
  • Use modified RFM12B library from Jeelabs.
  • With I-Pex connector for external high gain antenna
  • Remote upgrade


Hardware/Software source, instruction can be found in mrfm12b wiki.

Last modified on 20 October 2013
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